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Looking for a particurlar product (vacuums, belts, bags, filters, parts, etc.) just call and we will help get what you want.*

Pick up at our showroom or have it quickly shipped (all orders over $50. are free freight!) If an item is available we will probably have it in stock, if not, our staff will try their very best to obtain said part.

Since 1950, Modern Vac & Sew has been a family owned and operated local sales & service business.


Phone (215) 487-7522

*Incorrect orders, opened and/or not resalable as new, cannot be returned {no exception} and the final decision rests with us.

  • The guaranteed lowest prices
  • Largest selection of vacuums cleaners and sewing machines
  • Replacement parts for vacuums and sewing machines
  • In-store vacuum cleaner and sewing machine repairs
  • Over half a century of factory trained & authorized repair experience
  • Unbiased demonstrations of several brands
  • Marketing and hype vs. cleaning ability and durability
  • When you are tired of saying, 'they do not make things like they used to'
  • When you want to find goods made in the USA
  • Acknowledge the high cost of 'cheap & disposable' vacuum cleaners
  • Expert explanation of the 'bagless' vs. 'bagged' feature

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Andorra Shopping Center (215) 487-7522

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