A full service vacuum and sewing machine sales and repair shop

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Modern Vac & Sew is a full service vacuum and sewing machine sales and repair shop. We also rent & sell carpet cleaning machines, and offer the best stain removers, and carpet & floor cleaning chemicals. From bags, belts and filters to bobbins and needles, we can supply you with your every need.

Andorra Shopping Center Vac and SewOnce you visit one of our 2 showrooms in the Philadelphia Community, you will never shop at a 'big box' chain store for a vacuum cleaner or sewing machine again. We have an educated pleasant staff that are extremely knowledgeable and can answer all of your vacuum cleaner and sewing machine related questions.

Often customers come in asking for a specific machine based on an advertisement they have seen. When this happens, we do our best to find out exactly what your needs are and go through a checklist of questions to ensure that you go home with the appropriate vacuum cleaner or sewing machine to fit your needs and budget. This prevents you from going home with a machine that looks great on TV, but does not provide you with the necessary benefits and durability you need and expect.

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Andorra Shopping Center (215) 487-7522

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